2 Makeup must-haves

2 Makeup must-haves

There you are, mindlessly watching yet another makeup tutorial on Instagram and seeing a girl transform a face with what seems like a billion products in just 15 seconds. I miss the good old days where YouTubers would show a product close up, covering the background with their  hand to try to get the best focus and really explain why you need this product and why it could work for you.

As someone who got sucked into the bite size Instagram tutorial to keep today’s always-on-the-go viewer engaged, a part of me also wants to be authentic and ensure I somehow show my huge passion for beauty. So I wanted to begin a ‘star of the show’ series where I can explain what key products I really love from a look, so you know what’s worth adding to your wishlist.


So from my latest tutorial, the mega star was this beautiful Natasha Denona Glam Palette which my sister very kindly bought me for Christmas. If I could imagine my dream eyeshadow palette, this neutral baby would be it. Instead of ambiguous shade names, it’s super easy to use with the shades detailing whether it should placed on the inner corner of your eyes or swept across the centre of your eyelid. The deeper matte shades are also perfect for creating a smokey eye and defining your bottom lash line too.


Lip gloss
Another super star is the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer in Fenty Glow, it’s a perfect rose nude shade. I don’t usually mix a shimmery eye with a glossy lip but this gloss just makes your lips look super plump and really pulls together a fresh-faced look. It also smells like peach and vanilla goodness, is a non-sticky formula and has the tiniest specs of silver to create the perfect pout. A little tip I learnt is to apply lip gloss just on the centre of your lips to avoid your lips looking too goopy but still nice and juicy.

So there you have, two products that I think you’d really enjoy having in your makeup kit – Both neutral and perfect for a soft glam. I hope you love them as much as I do!

P.S. Check out this soft glam makeup tutorial I posted using these two gems.

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