How to get your brows on fleek

Brow products So I accidentally shaved one of my eyebrows – Not completely, but the arch which is probably the most important part of an eyebrow. This disaster involved an electric precision shaver and a very careless Richa rushing to get ready for an event. I was of course mortified, like the viral video of the girl who used a curling wand only to have a chunk of her hair burn off. Anyway, I’d like to take this sad, semi-growing out, semi-bald brow moment in my life to enlighten you with how I fill in any sparse areas of my eyebrows so they look full and defined.


1. Get your brows shaped

First up, don’t use an electric shaver to tidy up your brows like foolish me tried. If your brows are all over the place, filling them in could go very wrong. Save yourself the struggle and get them threaded by a professional at your local beauty salon or at Superdrug. Benefit also do eyebrow waxes which I’ve yet to try but this month, all proceeds from their brow waxes go towards the Look Good feel Better and Refuge charities – so go try it out if you prefer waxes!

Brow pencil

2. Define with a brow pencil

Once you have your brow shape in place, enhancing this with some makeup will be a breeze. I love the Anastasia Beverley Hill’s Brow Wiz pencil in the shade Ebony. Lately though, I’ve seen a ton of beauty bloggers use Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil, so I wanted to try it out in shade 5. I’m really pleased with it as the tip is really small, which makes mimicking brow hairs really easy. The other end also has a spoolie, which allows me to smudge everything out in case I draw on any strokes too harshly. The key to finding the perfect brow pencil is to pick a shade that’s one or two shades lighter than the root of your hair. If I used a black eyebrow pencil to match my hair for example, I’d look very angry. I like to use a greyish-brown shade instead, this looks more natural. I apply my brow pencil in short, fast strokes to fill in any sparse areas and softly stencil out the desired shape of my brow.

3. Fill in with a powder eyeshadow 

Once I’ve defined my brows, I like to fill them in with MAC’s Charcoal Brown eyeshadow (or any greyish-brown eyeshadow) with their 208S angled brow brush. This will ensure my brows are nice and even and I haven’t missed any gaps. Depending on how full your brows are, you might like to just use a brow pencil or just an eyeshadow to fill them in. I do sometimes skip one or the other when I’m in rush or if my eyebrows are freshly threaded and shaped.


Brow gel

4. Set with a brow gel

So I used to never really use brow gels – I was a bit sceptical about them as I felt like using a coloured brow gel was just like running mascara through your brows. I still do but with my current bald-patched eyebrow situation (lol at my life), I really wanted to make sure I was covering those little stubs of hair. So I bought the mini Benefit Gimme Brow+ Volumizing Eyebrow Gel in the shade 4.5 to try and I love it! It helps make your brows look thicker by catching onto each hair and  it also sets them into place if your brows are a little unruly.

5. Sharpen with a concealer

Lastly, to really get my eyebrows on fleek, I like to use a nude pencil or a liquid concealer and trace this right around my eyebrows. Then with a small, stiff brush like the Real Techniques Detailer Brush, I blend this out really well. This is a really great trick if you don’t have time to get your eyebrows done but want them to look like they have been as the concealer will head any little hairs you don’t want to be seen. You can even use a little highlight on the arch of your eyebrow to really lift your eyes, so you look like you’ve had your beauty sleep – I just discovered GOSH’s Lift Eye Highlight which works perfectly for this. I wouldn’t skip out on this final step for special occasions, it really makes a difference!


So that’s a wrap on how I get my brows to look on point – Check out my brow tutorial on my Instagram page linked below if you find that easier to follow.

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