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It’s mental health week in the UK so I thought I’d write about the importance of taking time out of our busy schedules to just relax, switch off and pamper ourselves. Whether you’re a student or working, we are constantly exerting ourselves to strive to achieve our goals – we work towards deadlines, fulfil requests from colleagues and are always on the go, whether to a library to belt out an assignment or rushing into a tube to get to work on time. We repeatedly run on this treadmill of a routine until finally we feel really burnt out. We book a holiday to escape our bubble for a while, hoping to come back feeling recharged to conquer all our day-to-day tasks all over again.

Well, unless you’re loaded, jetting away to relax all the time may not be an option. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learnt to rely less on events and other people to make me feel happier. Not because I don’t have an amazing support system (I’m eternally grateful I do) but because the only constant really, is myself. ‘Me time’ has become a necessity in order for me to really be there for everyone else. It is easy to be a people-pleaser but learning to say no and only do things that are true to yourself will take away so much anxiety and resentment from your life. Be there for yourself first and only the best will follow.

So onto today’s content, ‘self-care’ has become the latest bandwagon that the beauty community has jumped on as people today are switching their errand-filled Sundays for a day to recoup. One way I really do like to take a moment for myself (usually accompanied with a bubble bath and followed by a nail-painting session) is by putting on a face mask. Last month, I was lucky to get a gift card from work and splashed the cash on a few goodies, including three face masks from The Body Shop (yass 3 for 2 offer). I was hesitant to buy these before because they’re a little pricey for me, retailing at £17.00 but girl (or boy), I’ve tried and tested these luscious masks for you. Check out my thoughts on each of them below and see if any of them are something that you’d like to treat yourself to!

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

body shop himalayan face maskSo one thing I will say about these face masks, is that they are STRONG. When I first applied the Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask, I genuinely thought I was having an allergic reaction because it tingled so much! After reading reviews though, I learnt that it’s just all the potent 100% vegan ingredients working their magic. It also made me realise all these other face masks I’ve bought over the years really just did nothing haha.

body shop himalayan facemaskIt may not be the prettiest, but if it’s one face mask I recommend for oily skin, it’s The Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask. The little blobs in the mixture are green tea leaves, whilst the clay is infused with bamboo charcoal and organic tea tree oil. These ingredients work to draw out impurities, absorb excess oil and refine the appearance of pores to reveal healthy-looking skin. Once the mask has fully dried, I wash this off with warm water and find that the clay and green tea leaves really exfoliates my skin, making it look much more radiant. I always reach for this mask to deep clean my skin as it gets right into my pores!


Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing Mask

bodyshop matcha face maskI was drawn to this face mask as I absolutely love matcha, something about it just smells so fresh. Also, as someone who likes to walk through central London instead of getting on a packed tube, the ‘pollution-clearing’ line got me.

Bodyshop matcha face maskI also really love how indulgent the creamy texture of this mask feels. It’s of course enriched with matcha green tea, along with dandelion extract and aloe vera, which feels super energising on the skin. The graininess of this mask is also a great exfoliant and leaves my skin feeling super clean after a long day out.  If you like to stay away from harsh chemicals, this and the above face masks are both made without silicones, mineral oil and paraffins.


Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask

bodyshop tea tree face maskThe Tea Tree Anti-Imperfection Night Mask is great for that hormonal time of the month, when your skin is more prone to breakouts. This mask is formulated to treat blemishes and imperfections while you sleep, so it’s really quick and easy-to-use.

Bodyshop tea tree maskIt has a jelly/gel-like consistency which I’m fascinated by as it always forms back to a smooth surface, even after I’ve scooped a good chunk from the pot. I don’t tend to put this all over my face as a mask as tea tree oil can be quite drying but I do love using this as a spot treatment. This mask also contains salicylic acid, a common ingredient found in blemish-fighting products, however it is alcohol-free so won’t completely strip your skin from its natural moisture. You can also leave this mask in the fridge to make it feel extra soothing on those problem areas!

So that wraps up my thoughts on these lovely face masks from The Body Shop. I’ve listed them in order of preference but do check out all the testers in store as The Body Shop have a lot of masks with various targets, scents and textures to choose from.

I hope this post has inspired you to give yourself some TLC – you deserve it!





  1. May 19, 2019 / 7:05 pm

    “…The only constant really, is myself..” 👏🏼🥰 amen sis. Amen! Love this so much makes me wanna treat myself to a nice skincare sesh tonight! Well every night ideally haha. We try!

    Kriselle x

    • Richa
      May 20, 2019 / 5:23 pm

      Aww thanks Kriselle, I’m glad! 🥰 Definitely treat yourself!

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