How to be a badass and smash your goals

How to be a badass and smash your goals

So, I thought I’d switch up my content and write about something that I’m forever working on and that’s how to achieve my goals. Now I’m in no way claiming to be a badass who smashes my goals all the time, believe me when I say I’ve spent my Sunday being an absolute blob in bed but, we all need days like that. To reboot and kick-start my week on a more productive note, however, I’m going to share the three tips that I find really help motivate me to get off my ass and make the most out of my day.

1. Visualisation

The first thing I practise as much as I can is visualising myself in the very moment of achieving a goal, with all the surroundings, my physical or mental state and the sense of achievement and happiness that I’d feel. It sounds a bit delirious but it basically just puts you in a really positive mind-set that makes you feel like the impossible is possible. A great  book that explores this further called The Secret, labels this the ‘law of attraction’ and I swear all of my idols swear by this notion. I’ve always been a more visual person, but if you need a little boost to get your imagination going, my best friend and I finally got around to making visualisation boards. We got a cork board, some pins, a bunch of old magazines and cut out everything that related to our goals to stick on.

You can make a Pinterest board too, but I found making a physical one that’s always in sight to be a better reminder. Don’t feel hesitant to set yourself some high goals, when visualising you shouldn’t worry about how you’re going to get there, you’re just focusing on opening up your mind so you can fake it till you make it and manifest what you want into reality. From being determined that I’d specifically find that maxi, strapless, lavender prom dress to doing everything it took to graduate with a first class at university, I can hand on my heart say that visualising works because it just puts you in auto-pilot to get what you want.

2. Checklist and timeline it up

So apparently just writing down your goals gives you a 42% greater chance of achieving them. I do this on a small scale at work everyday – I have a little checklist book with lines and boxes to tick already printed on and I write down each and every task I have to do as the week goes on. I put a little asterisk next to tasks I need to prioritise and go from there, it’s literally the most satisfying feeling ticking tasks off one by one. For the bigger picture however, it’s also nice to map out a timeline of your next big steps because sometimes routines can feel a little monotonous and demotivating. Asking yourself where you want to be in two, five or ten years’ time and jotting down a plan will encourage you to give every day your all, take up exciting opportunities and use resources that will excel you.

3. Save yo money

Opening up two flexible savings accounts is one of the best things I’ve done. I’ve set up one account up for travelling and rainy days which I transfer a £100 a month to and the other just £20 a week for any smaller treats I need that month like gifts and treat-yo-self shopping trips. Simply setting up direct debits to your savings accounts each week or month means you don’t even have to think about doing anything after, just watch your balance grow away! On pay day, I also just transfer whatever that was left of my previous month’s salary to my bigger savings account, which really makes the difference.  Whether you want to be an entrepreneur, invest in some courses, buy a house or tick off your dream travel destinations, saving a little every month can go a long way.

So all in all, dream big, work hard and save your money wisely and you’ll be well on your way to smashing your goals – You got this!

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  1. July 17, 2018 / 3:07 pm

    Love this post I have recently watched the film based around The Secret, and this has really opened up my eyes. I will certainly be taking on your advice regarding saving money, as im looking to move out next year this would be a great help.

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